Web Development

Real life is a hectic chaos. Let us build your website so you can take a breath in the virtual one.

Hi! We develop and design websites and web applications. Welcome to our website! Take a look around and contact us in any way you like! This is how we roll:

Our skills

  • Front-end

    html5, css3, Javascript, Angular.js

  • Back-end

    Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, PHP, APIs, MySQL

  • CMS


  • Else

    Woocommerce, SEO, Photoshop, sketch

Our recent work

Visit some of our past projects

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1525188047024 6bbehcfmdnw shai desk
1525188503523 6dnfphito7 shai tablet

Shai Padeh, Prof MD

A doctor's blog on pediatrics and pediatric Rheumatology

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1525188661410 63r1wgbrk6k gpadeh desk
1525188661436 pl8x4sfz88r gpadeh tablet

Gal Padeh - Music Productions

Portfolio for a music producer, composer and many more titles. Rock on.

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1528974700576 w8gtf46okec golub mobile
1528974700569 kheh3lqaias golub desk
1528974700586 i610ic9h08 golub tablet

Avner Golub

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1525187901955 g2d549uzmmi yuval mobile
1525187901942 84nfn6qcl2o yuval desk
1525187901966 02u8i6lhjxgt yuval tablet
In progress

Yuval Molcho - Flight Instructor

One page site for a pilot

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1525188566970 pyg6srihlf shir mobile
1525188566960 uc1y8lrgxyg shir desk
1525188566979 7bd4iy8vzg8 shir tablet
In progress

Shir Yeffet

An artist's portfolio

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Who is

We are a team of two freelancers. We love getting a glimpse of different people's worlds and build websites.
At we work hard while remaining calm.

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